Industry News Services

Design and publish industry publications “Taste of China” in both Chinese and English. The magazines are issued towards people involved in the industry and all member restaurants act as our sales terminal. The Chinese edition is a monthly magazine that introduces knowledge of law and presents successful experiences and dynamic of the industry. The quarterly English edition focuses on the exportation of Chinese culture, including cuisine and tourism, to spread food culture of China as well as to arouse our readers’ interests in trip to China.

Resource Integration

Integrate the resources, including materials and human, of the Chinese restaurants in the United States, to cooperate with related industries such as insurance, finance, electronic commerce, and suppliers. Strive for the best interests for Chinese restaurant industry upon the cooperation.

Enterprise Rights Safeguard

Member restaurants get the best protection with the weapon of law through ACRA’s cooperation with attorneys, accountants and media. Meanwhile we cooperate with governments on all levels to assist implementation of laws and regulations and thereby strive to maximize members’ benefits.

International Communications

ACRA will hold global events to summon up professionals from China and all over the world to promote idea exchanges so as to improve Chinese food for healthy diet and expand its influence in America.


Found institution to continuously provide the Chinese cuisine industry with expertise in cooking, managing, designs, and electronic applications, and so on.

Chinese food culture

Chinese food culture is of long standing and well established, in five thousand years of Chinese history, leave the Chinese food culture, the Chinese diet culture contains jinde, contains the daoist knowledge and contains countless local conditions and customs.It's our duty to spread the Chinese culture and mission.Unions make use of our resources, in the United States through the excellent restaurants, reward entrepreneurial talent, outstanding talent, and so on a variety of ways, to the American people to promote our Chinese food, using the mainstream media in our attention to improve our CanYe CanYe influence, efforts to achieve CanYe again in glory.

Group Procurement

Parter with various suppliers (including energy, credit cards, insurance, communications, beverages, and raw materials) to cooperate and strive for the interests for members in all the states.

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